Is a University Degree Enough?

At one point in time a bachelor’s degree looked really good on a resume and was able to give you the extra “edge” in job searching…but is it enough anymore?
In the last decade university enrollment has spiked which means a bachelor’s degree is more common than it once was.
The good news for new undergraduates, however, is that the financial benefits of a university degree have only risen.

With these high amounts of bachelor degree floating around, you must find a way to stand out. Have you considered an after-degree or continuing education?
Many careers require continuing education. For example, teachers, real estate agents, and engineers are required to have a base of education and then receive updated education as they continue to work in their fields. Nursing, pharmacy, accounting, and criminal justice are additional fields in which professionals must continue to develop the skills necessary for ever-changing environments.

Think about the field you are interested in and consider searching up related after-degrees to give you an employment advantage!



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