Social Networking

In the 21st century it is very important to integrate social networking into your job search. If you are not online it is unlikely you will be noticed by employers. That said, you want to be noticed in a positive way.
As a student, now is the time to clean up your online presence and make sure you are portraying your best self for employers to see.

Step 1: Create a LinkedIn Profile to connect with others in your field of interest.
Step 2: Check out the BeKnown Facebook app – it is separate from your personal Facebook account.
Step 3: Be available – include emails and phone numbers for potential employers to reach you, lower security settings for more employers to view your LinkedIn account, check social networking often! (that being said make sure you are still protecting yourself from potential spam accounts and not releasing personal information such as birth date, SIN or address)
Step 4: You are ready to start social networking and social job searching!

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