Skills = Success

Wonder what it takes for career success?

Most people think they need more education but this is not what employers are looking for. Employers want on the job experience that increases a persons skill set: both technical and soft skills…believe it not the soft skills beat out technical skills as what employers most want in their employees.

The most sought after skills in Canadian Job postings:
• Communication skills
• Writing
• Customer relations
• Sales
• Organizational skills
• Microsoft office
• Policy analysis
• Supervisory skills/leadership
• Problem solving
• Teamwork

Communications is the clear stand out skill appearing in most job postings. It is a particularly key skill in many professions.

For example:
• Over 60 per cent of Healthcare and Wellness jobs require good Communication Skills
• Almost half (47 per cent) of Technology & Digital Media jobs require good Communication Skills
• An equal number (47 per cent) of Sales & Business Development jobs request good Communication Skills
• 3 in 5 Marketing job ads ask for good Communication Skills

Thinkopolis has a great article on the most sought after skills in Canada in 2015. Chech it out!


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